New ‘Kong: Skull Island’ clips hints at the existence of more beasts and that can only mean one thing.

Kong: Skull Island



A new clip from ‘Kong: Skull Island’ dropped today on yahoo movies and in it John Goodman talks about what he’s seen and who he works for. it’s big business and I mean like Kong big. I think they are laying the ground work for Godzilla to fall into a story with Kong and who knows what else. Yesterday we wrote about the new ‘Godzilla 2’ movie that’s going into production further establishing Godzilla as much as Kong. fans have been asking for this face off between the giants for ever! Let’s hope this sign bodes well for the future of ‘Kong Vs Godzilla’ in an epic battle.

Kong: Skull Island
KONG:SKULL ISLAND (Warner Bros. Studios)


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