A new documentary entitled, Millennium After The Millennium is currently in production and will cover the cult favorite TV show that starred genre icon Lance Henriksen as former FBI agent Frank Black. Millennium premiered on FOX in October 1996 to rave reviews from viewers and the show continued on for three seasons before being canceled by FOX. Now twenty years later the documentary, Millennium After The Millennium brings together those responsible for the show to discuss the everlasting appeal of the show and it’s characters.


Troy L. Foreman, Joseph Maddrey, Jason D. Morris, Matthew Gastsos, and Matthew Ingles are the driving forces behind the documentary and they’ve brought out the big guns for the project. Everyone who was involved in the series including Chris Carter, Lance Henriksen, Frank Spotnitz, Glen Morgan, James Wong and Dwight H. Little are front and center for the film sharing antidotes and never before heard insight about the show. Troy L. Foreman was one of the people responsible for the book, Back To Frank Black and Joseph Maddrey directed the superb documentary, Nightmares In Red, White, and Blue: The Evolution Of The American Horror Film so it’s safe to say we are in extremely knowledgeable hands with this project. With the recent surge in companies like Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu reviving shows and the recent return of Chris Carter’s other Fox show, The X-Files mine and every other Millennium fan’s hope is that this documentary is the push that’s needed to bring about a revival of the show.


Check out a clip from the documentary below where Lance discusses the character of Frank Black and make sure to follow the progress and pre-order a DVD copy of the documentary at the official Website and the film’s Facebook Page. The Back To Frank Black book and Nightmares In Red, White, And Blue DVD can also be ordered off of the website.




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