The nights of November 18th and November 20th 1990 will be remembered by a generation of kids as the nights that a clown named Pennywise terrified us beyond belief. The premiere of IT on ABC was a landmark moment for many horror fans and twenty six years later the film and it’s influences are still fondly remembered and praised throughout the genre. In honor of Tommy Lee Wallace’s phobia inducing film let’s take a look at some life lessons that the film taught us.


Never ever trust a clown- If you see a clown in a storm drain, scrapbook, movie theater, shower, basically anywhere just don’t approach them or even make eye contact. Most likely it won’t end well. In light of the recent clown epidemic that swept the nation it’s pretty funny that all these years later the image of Tim Curry as Pennywise lives on in memes and GIFs all over social media. In all seriousness though don’t ever fucking trust a clown.



Balloons can be terrifying- Sure everyone loves a balloon on their Birthday but when a personalized one randomly shows up in the backseat of a taxi or bursts and sprays you with blood it’s a guarantee that you’ll be spooked beyond belief. How the balloon industry has survived all these years is beyond my understanding.



Don’t ever look into the deadlights- Sure the deadlights are bright and shiny but resist the urge to stare or else you’ll regret it. As a matter of fact i’d wager that nothing in a sewer is safe so just avoid them all together. The early 2000’s band, The Deadlights are worth a listen though their career was as short lived as Victor and Belch attempting to thwart the Loser’s Club.


A giant spider can easily be killed by a slingshot- With all of today’s modern weaponry we sometimes forget the simple tools in life so if you ever encounter a mammoth spider just remember a slingshot and excellent marksmanship is all you really need.



Losers Club forever- Despite everything that Pennywise threw at the Losers Club there was nothing this tight knit group of friends couldn’t handle. It just goes to show that the freaks, geeks, and outcasts can and do rise up to save the day when needed.



The movie industry has changed significantly since November 18th 1990 and with a remake of IT set to hit theaters next year it’ll be interesting to see what this new group of creative minds conjures up in their version. In closing, I want to give a final kudos to a talent that I feel goes underappreciated on the 1990 film, the work of makeup artist extraordinaire, Bart Mixon. Bart’s subtle design of the Pennywise makeup and the numerous other practical FX throughout the film are a wonder to behold all these years later and continue to inspire up and coming artists to this day.



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