Image: Brainstorm Media

Set in 1977 Brooklyn – when New Yorkers lived in fear of the notorious “Son of Sam,” and growing unrest would eventually result in near-anarchy during the New York blackout riots – writer-director Alistair Banks Griffin’s sweat-soaked psychological thriller The Wolf Hour struck a chord with audiences at its Sundance premiere, and it’s now heading for a wide release in December.

The slow-burn tale revolves around Naomi Watts (The Ring, Mulholland Drive) as June, a recluse suffering from agoraphobia and possible paranoid delusions. After leaving behind her reputation as a ‘60s counter-culture hero, she now lives a life of complete seclusion in a small South Bronx apartment.

Plagued by paranoia and sweltering in the summer heat, June begins to suspect a mysterious and threatening interloper could be stalking her… or perhaps they have even more nefarious intentions. Is it all in her mind, or is someone trying to draw her out of hiding into the chaotic world outside her door?

Watts’ co-stars include Emory Cohen, Jennifer Ehle, Kelvin Harrison Jr., Jeremy Bobb and Brennan Brown. The Wolf Hour is slated for release on December 6. Check out the pulse-pounding trailer below:

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