Netflix has become the go-to entertainment fix for this generation and rightfully so as they are constantly providing amazing original content along with an impressive back catalog of fan favorites and little-seen gems. March 2017 while light on new horror offerings will see one Steven Spielberg classic go while another replaces it.

The first three films in the Jurassic Park saga will be hitting the platform in March while the Jaws series of films is swimming off to deeper waters. While the beach goers will probably rejoice in this I’m hoping at some point we will see the return of the genres favorite shark to streaming devices everywhere. March also summons the Neve Campbell witch fest The Craft to the masses. The film has found it’s home in the heart of fans worldwide and it’s wider availability is sure to draw more fans to the lovely coven.

The company’s newest entry in the Marvel universe will also premiere with the release of Iron Fist. Netflix has thus far been flawless in it’s original Marvel product and I’m expecting nothing less from this series that promises to further cement the partnership between the media giants as one to reckon with for years to come.

As previously stated March is lacking a bit for horror fans in regards to new streaming options but the drought will be short lived so this is a perfect time for fans to browse the company’s back catalog of films and check out a forgotten classic or lesser known offering.



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