Horror trends tend to sway according to the waves of its generation and right now Anthology films, found footage, as well as an 80’s resurgence, seem to be the craze.

The Hallway - THE DARK TAPES

Anthology films have always been a personal favorite of mine: whether it be TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE, CREEP SHOW, or even more recently TALES OF HALLOWEEN. I appreciate how a mixture of styles and concepts can be strung together to create a cohesive, and terrifying experience. With the upcoming horror anthology, THE DARK TAPES, they claim that their genre defying tales are sure to leave you with some horrific images.

If you’re a Sci-Fi, Horror, or Mystery fan, this film seems to deliver on all fronts. Coming off the festival circuit it’s managed to garner over 20 awards and nominations, combined, such as: Best Feature – Independent Horror Movie Awards, Best Horror Feature – CAL-TEX Horror Festival, Best of Show – CAL-TEX Horror Festival, Best Ensemble Cast – Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, Best Feature Film – Fly Film Festival, and Best Feature Film – FantaFestival.

The film is unique in that it utilized about 25% of footage shot from the actual actors — to give it a more realistic, found-footage feel. The director — Michael McQuown — describes, “Rather than shoot a few film shorts as part of our anthology, we shot what would be best described as “Mini-Features”. Each story could stand on its own as a full-length feature.” One of the segments is directed by the practical and Make-Up Effects artist, Vincent J. Guastini — who also handled the practical effects for the film.

Right now, the horror world is thirsty for films with original concepts, practical effects, and genuine scares — which is exactly what THE DARK TAPES plans to deliver. The film is currently searching for it’s home — whether it be TV or the 1st in a yearly series of found-footage anthology films.

For more info on the film we’ve included the following Press release:

(Los Angeles, CA) – August 24th, 2016.Exciting new horror feature, The Dark Tapes by Michael McQuown and Vincent J. Guastini presents a genre-defying mixture of horror, sci-fi, myth, and mystery. The 98-minute movie features four stories that interlock to create one clever anthology. It is a film that raises the possibility that ghosts, spirits, creatures, demons and more are real entities in our everyday lives.

“I’ve always had a rational and scientific mind, especially in physics and string-theory. I wanted to explore how the paranormal could exist in reality while also having a western scientific basis behind them. Moreover, I’ve had two transformative experiences in my life. The first was seeing what can be best described as a ‘ghost’ or ‘spirit’ not once, but twice in the same night. The second is commonly called a ‘Night Terror’. To this day, it is the most terrified I have ever been. Over the years, I’ve met other people who describe it the same way. The Dark Tapes is the result of all this,” says writer-producer-director Michael McQuown.

The feature, which is billed as ’V/H/S’ meets ‘The Twilight Zone’, premiered at the Phoenix International Film Festival in competition for best horror feature and continues to travel the festival circuit.

The Dark Tapes was created, written, directed, filmed and edited by Michael McQuown. Co-directed by Emmy nominee Vincent J. Guastini, who also created the makeup and practical effects. Mr. Guastini’s credits in the latter department include The Taking of Deborah LoganRequiem for a DreamI, Frankenstein and many more. The film is produced by Michael McQuown, Amon MahmudNicole OdekuHaldane Morris, and Vincent J Guastini.”

After viewing the mini-trailers, for the film, it does seem to have the bite of V/H/S and the mystery of the TWILIGHT ZONE. Amongst all these positives, we also need to mention that one of the stars is Cortney Palm, who played The Sushi Girl in SUSHI GIRL, Zoe in ZOMBEAVERS, and most recently the upcoming DEATH HOUSE. We will be sure to keep you updated on the release of THE DARK TAPES, but to keep up to date on all their info follow them at Facebook, and Twitter. After you watch the trailer be sure to show them some social media love, with the hashtag #TheDarkTapes.  

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