Hold The Dark - Jeffrey Wright

While we’re still, even after all this time, recovering from the intense ride that was GREEN ROOM, director Jeremy Saulnier is preparing to take us into the dark again with the upcoming HOLD THE DARK, and the cast is filling out to make that happen.

Thanks to The Hollywood Reporter, we know that the film has signed on Jeffrey Wright, Alexander Skarsgard and James Badge Dale to headline, with Riley Keough and James Bloor also cast.

Based off the book by William Giraldi of the same name, HOLD THE DARK follows a rash of child kidnappings and killings by wolves in a remote Alaskan town. Wright will play a biologist specializing in wolves and is called in to investigate the killings.

He finds himself in the middle of a secret-harboring mother (Keough) who has disappeared, and her Iraq veteran husband (Skarsgard) who is on a maniacal spree after returning to learn of their son’s death. Adding to the mix is Dale, who plays a detective out to find the husband. According to THR, Bloor is set to play a creepy drifter

Jeffrey Wright can be seen prominently in HBO’s wildly popular series “Westworld,” while Alexander Skarsgard can be seen on the same network’s upcoming series “Big Little Lies.” After appearing in MAD MAX: FURY ROAD and starring in “The Girlfriend Experience,” Riley Keough can be seen in the upcoming UNDER THE SILVER LAKE and IT COMES AT NIGHT.

In addition to 2016’s 13 HOURS and SPECTRAL, James Badge Dale will be in the upcoming THE EMPTY MAN and GRANITE MOUNTAIN. You can catch James Bloor in the future LEATHERFACE reboot, and in Christopher Nolan’s DUNKIRK, due out this summer.

This kind of powerhouse team coupled with this storyline is very exciting! Written by Macon Blair and directed by Jeremy Saulnier, HOLD THE DARK is due to begin filming this March.


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