After experiencing the dangers of the moon LV223 in Ridley Scott’s PROMETHEUS, Noomi Rapace once again finds herself strapped to a gurney experiencing the unimaginable, thanks to a first-look trailer for RUPTURE posted by Empire Online.


RUPTURE follows young mother Renee (Rapace) after she finds herself in a secret lab after being abducted. While there, she finds herself at the hands of Michael Chiklis, Peter Stormare, and Lesley Manville, who mercilessly subject her to a multitude of torturous experiments. As the trailer goes on, we begin to wonder what is real and what is hallucinated. By the end we realize that it doesn’t matter, the terror is there either way.

The trailer shows enough to pull us in while leaving the questions of who the group is that has stolen her, what the lab really is that is holding her, and to what ends will they go to to get the results they’re after. It also ramps up the tension as Renee becomes a caged animal, ready to strike back and do anything necessary to escape.


Written by Brian Nelson of HARD CANDY and 30 DAYS OF NIGHT fame and written and directed by SECRETARY helmer Steven Shainberg, RUPTURE blends great visuals that touch on everyone’s fears, a tremendous cast, and a production team that together forms a film that tries to get right under your skin.

Check out the trailer and see RUPTURE when it hits cinemas and VOD on November 4, 2016.

Jason Stollery has horror films encoded into his DNA, going so far as to name his sons Michael and Fred. He can be found on Twitter @smegghed, and on his genre film blog and podcast at filmguild.net



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