From Stuart Gordon, the director of Re-Animator and From Beyond comes an American film that feels like it was shot by Japan’s Toho Company in all the best ways!

Plot Summary- In the distant future, after World War 3 the world’s nations decide to end their warring ways and settle all their disputes in the most civil way they can think of. One of one giant robot death matches!

This film is a must have for any fan of Stuart Gordon’s work or giant robots. It has all the charm of the Japanese films it draws inspiration from with a late 80s American finish. It’s actually quite ahead of it’s time seeing as how just five years later a whole generation of kids would be obsessed with the Power Rangers and their big weapon welding robots.

The transfer over to Blu-Ray is stunning and it includes some great special features including two audio commentary tracks with the filmmakers, brand-new interview with Actor Paul Koslo (Alexander), archival interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and more!

Much like many other Scream Factory hidden gems I really enjoyed revisiting and rediscovering this film in it’s stunning new HD transfer and I hope you do as well.


You can pick up Robot Jox on Blu Ray here:


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