1989’s Little Monsters was the first film I remember falling absolutely in love with.  The kiddie flick is a visionary smorgasbord of monsters, scenery and weird happenings.

The Stevenson family is your typical middle class clan, with a mother and father who seem stuck in unpleasant jobs that are only tolerated to pay the rent and two sons, Brian and Eric, who are struggling to adapt to a new home in a new town.  One night, the boys (Fred and his real-life younger brother Ben Savage, of Boy Meets World fame) are dealt the news every kid is secretly terrified to receive- their parents are divorcing.

With tension in the home and the everyday madness of pre-teen angst swirling, Brian begins to realize that there really may be monsters living under our beds after Eric tells Brian there is a monster living beneath his mattress.  Brian is determined to debunk the childish nightmares but soon gets the surprise of a lifetime.  Not only is there a real monster that uses the space under the bed as a portal from it’s world to ours, but Brian and the leather jacket-wearing beastie quickly become best friends.

I would watch the VHS tape with a slack-jawed admiration as Brian Stevenson (Fred Savage) and his best buddy Maurice (Howie Mandel as the horned monster who lives under Brian’s bed) would navigate the imaginary land where dirty socks and dust bunnies usually roam.

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