The film and horror community lots one of its greats this month. Wes Craven was as iconic as the timeless characters he created and his body of work will live on forever. If you’re like me and so many others you’ve taken the time since his passing to watch his films. He made so many of the most talked about films in horror but as far as his lesser known, underrated works are concerned no film shines brighter in my eyes than his 1991 horror/comedy “The People Under the Stairs”. From its still relevant social commentary to its memorable performances and engaging story the movie has you hooked from start to finish. Staring Twin Peaks’ Everett McGil and Wendy Robie as two of the most memorable villains Wes Craven has ever put to screen, the film revolves around a young boy nicknamed Fool (played masterfully by Brandon Adams) being roped into a break-in of the house of the owners of his apartment building only to discover the horrors they’re hiding beneath the walls and under the stairs. Wes Craven wrote the book on balancing horror and comedy and this film is a shining example of how that’s done.

This Blu-Ray is full of must see special features including interviews with special effects artists, the director of photography and the composer as well as one with star Wendy Robie. Most important of all it comes with a brand new commentary track with Wes Craven. Being that it’s one of the last times you’ll hear him talk about his work it’s well worth the cost of the of the Blu-Ray alone in my book.


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