‘Guardians’ is here and it’s wild


Russia has a new super-team and they are the GUARDIANS. Sure… in the USA we have the Justice League, The Avengers and the Fantastic 4, but the Guardians have a bear with a minigun! All joking aside, GUARDIANS looks to be one of the most ridiculous superhero movies ever made. This unlikely team of Soviet experiments must join together to stop an evil supervillain who cannot be stopped by conventional means. The team is made up of some interesting powered heroes including a guy who can manipulate rocks, an invisible woman, a winter soldier-esque swordsman and a bear with a minigun. If that doesn’t sell you on this movie then nothing will.

The robot spider tanks, explosions and pretty decent CGI makes GUARDIANS look like a blast.  This movie may not win any awards or blow any minds, but it looks like a refreshing style of superhero flick that hasn’t been done to death. Guardians assemble sometime in 2017. Let’s hope there is an international theatrical release!
English Trailer for GUARDIANS


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