The Christmas tree is lit and the stockings are hung with care just waiting for Santa to slaughter the entire family. Oh wait that’s not right. In reality this occurrence would be downright horrifying but in the horror genre it’s to the delight of all of us. Here’s five instances where the fat man in red decked the halls with blood.

5. Christmas Evil- When you see Santa banging mommy by the Christmas tree it only makes sense that you’ll grow up to dress as Santa and commit mass homicide on those that you deem naughty. This 1980 gem comes highly recommended.


4. Rare Exports- Taking Santa back to his roots this film provides an amazing backstory for Santa and his band of old nude elves. While the movie is kind of uneven in parts it fully makes up for it in the final thirty minutes.


3. A Christmas Horror Story- While this one’s an anthology film with a wrap around story featuring the amazing, William Shatner it’s the fantastically original take on Santa that separates this from the generic holiday horror films that are out there.


2. Santa’s Slay- Yes the film is an 11 on the cheese-o-meter but you honestly can’t a film that features Bill Goldberg as a murderous Santa that brutally murders Fran Drescher in the opening scene. Easily the most agitated Santa that the screen has ever seen.


1. And All Through The House- Many men have donned the Santa suit on film over the years but none have been as chilling as the late, Larry Drake is in And All Through The House. This Tales From The Crypt episode is still terrifying kids all over the globe during the holiday season. Written by Fred Dekker and directed by Robert Zemeckis Christmas horror doesn’t get any better than this. 

Honorable mentions have to go to both the original and remake of Silent Night Deadly Night. Remember to lock the doors and windows this holiday season you never know when Santa might want more than just cookies and milk.

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