Wow. Can you all believe that Scary Movie 2 was released in theaters 15 years ago this month? What I have learned while vicariously bragging about the Scary Movie franchise is that you hella hate it or you hella like it. Seriously, there is no in between.

I have learned this and lived with it.

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I will admit that I am a Scary Movie franchise fan. Not all of them because I do agree with The Wayans Brothers that the franchise took a huge shit after they no longer were involved with the films.

However, Scary Movie and Scary Movie 2 hold a special place in my heart because I feel that the goofiness and the natural spin on horror films brings a light hearted approach to the traditional spoof type movies that have aired to date such as Shriek If You Know What I did Last Friday the Thirteenth (which was pretty much a spoof of Scary Movie if you ask me). 

Scary Movie 2 spoofed a variety of films over various periods of time: The Haunting (1999), The Exorcist (1973), The Amityville Horror(1979), Poltergeist (1982), The Legend of Hell House (1973), House on Haunted Hill (1959 and 199) and The Changeling (1980). It also spoofs some contemporary films, such as Hannibal (2001), and Hollow Man (2000).

So, to celebrate this memorable occasion, I give you my Top 10 Scary Movie moments.

  • How to be a Thug | Shorty shows Cindy how to toughen up her exterior in college. “Uh, Son! Uh, Son!” (Save the Last Dance)


  •  The introduction of “Hanson” “Oh, I’m sorry, my child, did I frighten you? Are you scared? Alright, I’ll sing to you”


  • James Wood’s character as a priest as he attempts to release the demon from “Megan Vorhees.” (Exorcist)


  • Nod to the Poltergeist Clown that gets an unexpected surprise from Uncle Ray Ray.


  • Hanson cuts open Shorty’s head so he can cook his brain. But when he peels back the scalp the only thing there is Beetlejuice. (Hannibal)


  • Cindy is possessed and seduces Professor Oldman (Tim Curry) while wearing a red dress. (What Lies Beneath)

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 3.16.34 PM

  • Cindy is reading a book called “Harry Pothead” and shows Harry striking up a bong.


  • Hanson stuffing the turkey to no oblivion.


  • James Woods releases the demons.


  • Puking scene brings it to a whole ‘notha level.


What’s your favorite scene? I would love to hear from you!

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