Let The Nerdgasm Begin!! Director, Shane Black, Tweets PREDATOR Cast Images!

Little is known in terms of what direction Shane Black will be taking our favorite dreadlocked extraterrestrial hunter in THE PREDATOR reboot but there is little denial in it being one highly anticipated by moviegoers. Co-writing the film is Fred Dekker (MONSTER SQUAD) Black took to Twitter and introduced us to the cast thus far.

Black told EW “Fox has been in the habit of making one of these Predator movies every couple years, and they put them out for a limited budget that kind of guaranteed return, but they’re not really something that’s an event,” he told this writer. “I want to try to get back to that. Because there was a freshness, I think, to the first one. … It was special then, and I want to get back to trying to reinvent it in the sort of way that it acquires that event feel that makes people want to treat it like a big movie.”

Shane Black as ‘Rick Hawkins’ in 1987 PREDATOR
20th Century Fox

Unfortunately, Black’s character did NOT make it to the choppa in 1987. Here is to hoping his reboot has better luck.


Source: Shane Black Twitter, Entertainment Weekly


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