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It’s summertime and that means the return of everyone’s favorite summer tradition, a new entry into the SHARKNADO film series. This year welcomes SHARKNADO THE 4th AWAKENS. As you can tell by the title we are in store for some STAR WARS references this go around on the shark train. The film picks up five years after the end of the third entry with Finn (Ian Ziering) enjoying a sharknado-free existence with the advent of a tornado destroying device and monitoring system implemented by billionaire, Aston Reynolds (Tommy Davidson). Of course this is short lived as Finn heads to Las Vegas to reunite with his son, Matt (Cody Linley) just as a new breed of storm strikes the town. It’s up to Finn, his family, and a new group of co-stars to stop the madness before it turns the entire country into shark bait.

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The SHARKNADO series is pure beer and buddie’s fun. There isn’t a deeper spiritual meaning or Kubrick riddle underneath the carnage and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’re reading this review, it’s because you want to know if it lives up to or surpasses its predecessors plain and simple. Well it does and I gleefully laughed and cackled throughout the proceedings. Everyone involved this go around is game and there are numerous wink wink parodies and jokes as well as a very heart felt tribute to a fallen genre star that had me raising my drink in his honor. As for the new additions my most anticipated was none other than Gary Busey and he does not disappoint. His portrayal as April’s father is perfect and provides a portrait of how far a father will go in the name of technology in a shark infested atmosphere. This entry takes the series back to its roots in that while there are cameos throughout the film they aren’t overplayed or forced as they have been in the previous two entries. We get a film that keeps the fun front and center while moving the story along with laughs and feeding frenzies that will please anyone who fell in love with the original entry.

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I have to tip my hat to writer, Thunder Levin and director, Anthony C. Ferrante. When a film series such as this reaches its fourth entry usually it’s groan inducing but here they keep it brisk and fun while slyly working in throwbacks to classic genre films and even bringing up a shared universe aspect that was hinted at in another film. As an aside this reviewer is 100% up for a SYFY universe movie if that is where we are headed in the next installment. As horror fans we sometimes get caught up in the breaking news and remake/reboot arguments that we forget to sit back with a group of friends and laugh while watching a Sharknado devour an entire city full of people in the most comical WTF way possible. As the title of the review says sharks, chainsaws, and Busey. You really can’t go wrong with that combination. I highly recommend tuning in on July 31st when SHARKNADO 4: THE 4th AWAKENS premieres on SyFy.



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