We hope you’re finding plenty of art and entertainment to keep you safe and sane during lockdown — and we’re making good on our promise to steer lots of new horror content your way!

On that note, we’ve got another Short Shocker to add to your must-watch list: the dark horror-comedy “What Metal Girls Are Into” — written, produced, directed by and starring Laurel Vail, and featuring an all-female crew behind the camera. The 16-minute short has been racking up tons of awards and audience raves since its festival debut in 2017; it was included on Fun Size Horror’s Shocktale Party: Femme Fatales last year; and it’s now available to stream on Amazon Prime.

The story revolves around the “metal girls” of the title: three friends (Vail, Chelsea Blechman and Karina Assad) who spend most of their time on the road following their favorite death metal bands… that is, until they stop at an out-of-the-way motel to regroup before another concert.

Things seem a little bit off from the beginning, with the hotel proprietor (Matt Mercer) ogling the trio while prying a bit too deeply into their personal business. Anyone familiar with horror movie tropes will anticipate what the skeevy owner — along with his own creepy “friends” — has in mind for his new “guests.” Needless to say, these three menacing bros are about to learn a lethal lesson in exactly what these particular metal girls are “into.”

Laurel Vail (second from right) with cast and crew of “What Metal Girls Are Into”

Vail previously starred in the inventive horror mockumentary Delivery: The Beast Within (which you should definitely seek out; it’s pretty amazing), and “Metal Girls” is her first venture behind the camera. If this film is any indication, we expect more great things from Laurel and her creative cohorts!

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, be sure to add this creepy fun flick to your watchlist ASAP. Need more incentive? Watch the trailer!

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