In addition to their Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Thunderbirds library, Shout! Factory is known for great Blu-ray releases and international finds. January brings us a few more of those Blu-Ray releases:

DEAD OF WINTER (1987) – January 10, 2017
An atmospheric tale of blackmail, isolation, and psychological manipulation, DEAD OF WINTER stars Mary Steenburgen and Roddy McDowall. Steenburgen’s Katie is hired as a last-minute replacement to an actress who suffered a mental breakdown during filming. Secluded in a snowstorm, Katie finds that not all is as it seems, and she’s just become a piece of a deadly game.

A staple of the 1980s, the infamous driller killer is back! Twice! Bundled together, THE SLUMBER PARTY MASSACRE II (1987) and III (1990) delve into the return of the killer to hunt down the final girl of the original film. The third entry sees the killer finding a new group of girls to hunt down during their slumber party. This one brings backs memories of a slasher age long gone.

POLTERGEIST II (1986) – January 31, 2017
Followup to one of the scariest childhood haunting films of the time, POLTERGEIST II sees the spirits follow the Freeling family to a temporary home, and as the backstory of the cult that was buried under the foundation of the original family home, they realize they’re going to have to face the spectres full-on to free the family from their grasps.

POLTERGEIST III (1988) – January 31, 2017
A sequel that didn’t resonate as well with audiences follows young Carol Anne (Heather O’Rourke) as she stays with family in a new self-sufficient skyscraper in Chicago. As the old preacher continues to latch on to her, the family realizes that tales they thought were figments of the girl’s imagination have come for them as well. A sad final part for O’Rourke before her unfortunate and premature passing.

You can head over to Shout! Factory now to pre-order your copy of any of the films listed above. It’s a great way to start off the new year as a horror fan.

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