We’re pretty sure Shudder has something entirely new coming your way: they’re calling the award-winning science fiction miniseries Blood Machines a “Shudder Original Experience”… and that’s exactly what you’re in for.

After taking home awards for Best Music, Best Sound Design & Best CGI Effects at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, this trippy metaphysical cyberpunk epic has just been unleashed on the popular streaming platform — and it’s one of the most mind-blowing titles they’ve ever acquired.

While the plot is hard to nail down, this ambitious project from writer-director Seth Ickerman involves a pair of futuristic bounty hunters tracking a highly intelligent machine that is trying to break free from servitude. But when they trap their quarry and shut it down, the duo witness the spirit of a young woman emerging from the robotic behemoth — the machine’s “soul,” so to speak — which sends them on a hallucinogenic journey into the unknown.

Blood Machines is a 50-minute “Cosmic Opera” divided into three separate chapters — titled “Mima,” “Corey” and “Tracy” — driven by the award-winning score from synthwave legend Carpenter Brut, which not only lends an ’80s vibe to the film, but perfectly compliments Ickerman’s stunning kaleidoscope of brain-melting FX.

All three chapters are available to stream on Shudder today. Check it out — preferably on the largest screen and biggest sound system possible!

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