Fans of the Mel Brooks movie ‘Spaceballs’ have been asking for a sequel for years and last year Brooks said he wanted to make another film. While he may have been kidding on some level it looks like things might be progressing. That’s if he’s in on this somehow.

Teaser posters for ‘Spaceballs: The search for more money’ popped up in lower Manhattan, NYC this week and they look great. The poster teases an even greater helmet. Let’s hope Rick Moranis will return for this one and more of the original cast will make an appearance at least. While they look to be done by a fan since they appear to be taped to the wall, this is exactly the kind of thing ‘Deadpool’ was doing years ago to get that film made. The interest in these posters might help Mel Brooks get interest in a sequel. Hype it up! We’d love to see this film happen.


I think they look awesome!

source: Minepress

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