Yes!!!! Pop-Tarts aren’t just for breakfast anymore. The beloved toaster pastries have surpassed breakfast and have been made into everything from Pop-Tarts beer to homemade Pop-Tarts cereal. Now they have secured a place in pop culture history by serving as a stand in for Han Solo’s encasing of carbonite.

If only these Star Wars treats were real! But no, these are pieces of art not fit for consumption. Falcon Toys has created an all-too realistic Pop Tart made of resin and smack dab in the center of this faux frosted treat is Han Solo, alive, and in perfect hibernation.

A run of only 15 were made—which seems absurd, as one of these art pieces should hang in every kitchen from here to the Dagobah system. Each figure is cast in resin and hand-painted, then carded and clamshelled. If only a team of stormtroopers delivered it to your doorstep.

The frosting and rainbow sprinkles really add to the realness of this toy, so much so that comes with a “This toy/art is meant for adult collectors and not suitable for children” caveat. On the back, even more warnings of “I’m not really sure what will happen if you eat 100% resin but I bet it would suck so keep this toy out of your pie hole!” Look, if you still ingest this toy after all those warnings you probably deserve your gut turning into a human Sarlacc Pit.

The limited edition toy is currently sold out but hopefully the high demand will bring about a revival of this inedible intergalactic breakfast treat.




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