‘Firestarter’ is getting remade with Blumhouse, Universal and Academy Award winner Akiva Goldsman taking the helm. The original film was released in 1984.The announcement was made last night at The Overlook Film Festival after the screening of the new Blumhouse film ‘Stephanie’.

As youths, Andy McGee (David Keith) and his future wife, Vicky (Heather Locklear), participated in secret experiments, allowing themselves to be subjected to mysterious medical tests. Years later, the couple’s daughter, Charlie (Drew Barrymore), begins to exhibit the ability of setting fires solely with her mind. This volatile talent makes the youngster extremely dangerous and soon she becomes a target for the enigmatic agency known as “The Shop.”

Deadline reports the Firestarter news comes on the heels of a fantastic 2017 for Blumhouse, which has reaped close to $500 million worldwide from both Split and Get Out off combined negative costs under $15M.

King’s books have sold more than 350M copies worldwide. In September, Warner Bros/New Line is releasing the long-awaited feature adaptation of King’s It; the trailer following its drop at CinemaCon set a 24-hour global record with close to 200 million views back in March.

Goldsman co-wrote the script to King’s The Dark Tower which Sony is releasing this summer. The A Beautiful Mind Oscar-winning scribe also has a story-by credit on Paramount’s Transformers: The Last Knight, also out this summer. Goldsman has supervised Paramount’s writers room for their revamps of Hasbro properties Transformers , G.I. Joe and Mircronauts.