Once again the DC Cinematic universe has taken a blow from overwhelmingly negative critics. Chances are the movie will still do well financially, but The SUICIDE SQUAD was a little bit of a gamble from the start.

Unfortunately I heard way more about this movie than I wanted to before I was able to catch a screening. I decided to go into the movie with an open mind, and I am glad that I did.

Even with the minor problems the film has, I honestly believe the critics were way off base with this one. The movie is chaotic and all over the place but it also seems to make perfect sense with the insanity of the squad. The drastic changes in tone seemed to add a sense that this was this was something fresh and vastly different than the typical comic book film format. The characters that make up The Suicide Squad were casted perfectly. Originally I was concerned about the stylistic changes of these live action villains, but they actually managed to capture the spirit of these bad guys perfectly. Will Smith is the focal point of the movie as Floyd Lawton AKA Deadshot. He is deadly, yet empathetic and more human than the rest of the team. This makes him relatable to the audience yet it never takes away from the fact that Deadshot is a stone cold killer when he needs to be. I always underestimate Will Smith, but his style of humor and overall attitude made him a great fit for the role.

The stand out of the film to me is Margot Robbie as the mentally unstable ass kicker Harley Quinn. She portrays the role perfectly and every line she delivers feels just right for her character. I was also blown away by Viola Davis as Amanda “The Wall” Waller. She portrayed the intimidating DC Comics character with impressive force, authority and intensity. I really enjoyed all of the performances in the movie, everyone on the squad is so varied in abilities and styles but nobody seems out of place.


Batman, the Joker and a certain JLA metahuman, all make appearances in the film. They all work really well as background characters that add to the story but never take anything away from the focus of the film. Jared Leto performed very solid as the Joker, but there wasn’t really enough of him to make a fair assessment quite yet. That being said, I cannot wait to see what the DC Cinematic Universe has in store for him in the future.


Overall the movie is just fun. It seemed like everyone was smiling and laughing and having a great time during the movie. The story overall was pretty straightforward. Amanda Waller decides that metahumans are a growing threat and she assembles a team of villains from Belle Reve prison to combat those threats. The story isn’t mind blowing or full of plot twists, it is just good violent fun. The main complaint I have with the movie is this one completely CGI villain who is around for no other reason than they needed a giant CGI guy for everyone to fight. Other than that dude and the overuse of music over scenes with heavy dialog, I don’t really have many complaints. I say give it a shot and see what you think. It is exciting to see the DC universe growing throughout these movies and personally I hope that the squad returns for another adventure.

Rating: 4 out of a squad of 5 Good Guys on board for this one.


From Planet Wolfton – Ryan Howard

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