One of the creepiest sights to come out of James Wan’s CONJURING 2 was that of the ghostly nun, the demon who appears to be in direct opposition to Vera Farmiga’s fictional counterpart to real-life Lorraine Warren. The creature had enough of an impact on audiences that a spin-off involving the nun, simply titled THE NUN, was greenlit by the studio.

Deadline is reporting that Vera’s sister, Taissa Farmiga has been cast as a younger, earthly version of the holy servant, the titular character of the film. She will play alongside the previously cast Demián Bichir in a story that has largely been kept under wraps up to this point, though several sites have reported that Bichir will play a priest who is sent to investigate the murder of a nun.

Taissa’s sister, Vera Farmiga (Conjuring 2)

The character of the nun, while not being involved in the real life cases of Ed and Lorraine Warren, was something that was conceptualized by Warren and writer-director James Wan during The Conjuring 2 midway through filming, in such a way that required some reshoots to add the character in. While not completely laid out, it was intimated that the demonic visage may have had a connection to the fictional Lorraine, so is it possible that the film may lay out some familial connection between the two characters? That would, of course, be pure speculation at this point.

Taissa Farmiga is no stranger to genre storytelling. She’s been a semi-regular presence on several seasons of “American Horror Story” and appeared in 2015’s THE FINAL GIRLS. She currently has three more films coming out this year and next: WE HAVE ALWAYS LIVED IN THE CASTLE, WHAT THEY HAD, and 2018’s THE LONG DUMB ROAD.

THE NUN will be directed by Corin Hardy based on a screenplay by James Wan and Gary Dauberman, with Wan also serving as a producer.

While the sequel to THE CONJURING’s first spin-off ANNABELLE: CREATION is due to hit theaters on August 11, 2017, no official release date of THE NUN has been given yet, but we’re always looking out for more news on the creepy nun.


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