Its been nearly 40 years since the late master of horror, Wes Craven, unleashed his brutal thriller The Hills Have Eye’s  upon the world, which over time spawned both a sequel and a re-make (which also spawned a sequel) and the film continues to shock audiences to this day.  The film follows a stereotypical  American family road tripping to California who have the misfortune of breaking down after taking an off map short cut.  Little do they know that a family of cannibalistic, violent savages await them in the supposedly uninhabited desert hills.  Having left audiences thoroughly disturbed only a few years earlier with his directorial debut of the controversial The Last House on the Left, Craven lived up to his reputation once again and delivered some very unpleasant scenes of raw violence and depravity creating a very intense film from beginning to end.  While certainly not his most well known film, this early B horror movie from the infamous director has certainly become a fan favorite over the years.hillshaveeyes7

Well fans of the film will be happy to hear that the annual Los Angeles horror convention, Son of Monsterpalooza, appears to be putting together one hell of a reunion for the Cult Classic!  While guests are still being announced left and right, so far we have six members of The Hills Have Eyes on the bill with Dee Wallace (The Howling, Cujo), Suze Lanier-Bramlett, Martin Speer, Janus Blythe, composer Don Peake (The People Under the Stairs ) and of course Michael Berryman (The Devil’s Rejects ) who gave us an infamous performance as the violent savage Pluto.  This killer line up is definitely going to make what is already looking to be an amazing convention even better and I’m really hoping they get this group together for a panel at some point over the weekend.


Son of Monsterpalooza will take place in Burbank, CA this September 16th-18th at the Burbank Hotel and convention center.  Tickets are on sale now here.


And if you haven’t pre ordered already, be sure to check out the new limited edition 4k blu ray coming soon from Arrow Video!  Check out the details here!

The Hills Have Eyes 4k blu ray




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