Do you remember the creepy whistle?

Sometimes in movies there is a creepy character or sound that sticks with us long after the film has ended. Do you remember the famous scene in Quentin Tarantino’s martial arts masterpiece Kill Bill Volume 1 where an assassin whistles the tune on her way to kill the Uma Thurman’s character?

Thanks to Lauren Nostro at Genius who discovered this connection to rapper Rob Stone’s latest single ‘Chill Bill’ that relies heavily on this wicked whistle sample that sounded so familiar.

The crazier part is that Tarantino used the whistle as a homage to a 1968 film he loved called ‘Twisted Nerve’.

The whistling theme was created by composer Bernard Herrmann, who is most famous for his collaborations with director Alfred Hitchcock, including the score to Psycho. The Twisted Nerve score was recently re-issued in full on vinyl, with liner notes by Tarantino.

In 2013, rapper Brianna Perry sampled it on her Trey Songz duet “Good.” And just last year, it appeared in a Honda Commercial.

Kinda crazy how far a whistle can travel.


source: Genius

Creepy Whistle



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