With such credits as “You’re Next”, V/H/S 2 as well as the cult horror films “Pop Skull” and “Home Sick”, actor now turned also writer, producer and director L.C. Holt has parlayed a successful career in horror with presence, talent and drive. Continuing to act in a variety of roles as well as finishing production on his first horror feature “Spiritus”, L.C. is making his mark in all of the dark corners of horror! L.C. took some time from the busy production to step into “The Night Market” with me Jay Kay @HorrorHappensFF and discuss the impact of “You’re Next”, killing Larry Fessenden and his new film!

LC Holt

Jay Kay: It is always great to speak with you LC, thank you for taking the time out to enter “The Night Market”.

In September, it will mark five years since “You’re Next” invaded the horror film scene at the “Toronto International Film Festival” and “Fantastic Fest” in Austin, Texas. Looking back now with the five-year anniversary of this film that truly freshened the very stale air of horror filmmaking, what made that film so special?

image1L.C. Holt: If the film is special it’s because of how Wingard spun the home invasion genre. He’s always had a knack for taking a story and putting his own voice to it. It took him making a few films before Hollywood recognized that, and it took him making them some money which is really the only thing Hollywood cares about. I think now it’s his time to shine, thanks in large part to the latest string of films he’s made, “You’re Next” being one.

JK: Talk about the process of the movements and emoting with the “Lamb Mask” on? Howmuch was it a challenge to create the action sequences, tense moments and nervous laughs that your character caused so many viewers?

LH: The mask was a pain in the ass! It looked cool, and I looked cool wearing it, but yeah, still a pain in the ass. Whoever made it had eyes that were very close together. I could only ever see out of one eye which isn’t great when you’re fighting or falling or doing action scenes.

JK: What was it like to be one of the many characters to kill Larry Fessenden? What was it like to work with him, Barbara Crampton and that cast on “You’re Next”?

LH: Larry was fine. I can’t say I interacted with him very much. I killed him there at the beginning and then I sat beside his dead body after I punched that girl through the window. Him and the young woman who played his girlfriend were only on set for a couple of days – three at the most. Mostly I hung out with Rob Moran and Nick Tucci and Lane Hughes. Oh, and the girls – Wendy Glenn and Sharni. We all lived in the same hotel, so that’s who I saw all the time.

JK: Your history with filmmaker Adam Wingard has produced some acclaimed films including “Pop Skull”, “Home Sick”, V/H/S2 and of course “You’re Next”. What has made Adam a name in this industry over the years and really connected with you to work with him in so many of his projects?

LH: Adam and I started out together. The first big role I played in a feature was in the first movie he directed, “Home Sick.” That guy was just always a really gifted person. These days everybody thinks they’re a filmmaker, but Adam was born a filmmaker. With no money, he can make a movie that looks like it cost half a million. Most people can’t shoot or cut a movie without it looking like a home video. Somehow Adam can take a prosumer camera and make something that looks like a 35mm feature. How does he do that? I have no idea.

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