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The truth in hunting horror with guest Sean Clark and Amy Humphries

The truth in hunting horror with guest, Sean Clark! The luster in film locations. Have I been a horror fan so long that I am brutally ignorant and refuse to think any other genre remotely comes close to the perfection of mine? I have never seen a “Love story” convention or a “Drama-Thriller” film festival. They may exist. My radar just has not picked up on them yet. And film locations. The visual crack cocaine to any pure blood. What is it about seeing where it was filmed that is so fulfilling to the truest of horror hearts? Through the years I have addressed this topic with the horror community. What is fascinating is when one tells of their experience in seeing where something was filmed, the tone changes, eyes get a twinkle and no two stories are the same. There is a true fulfillment in one’s’ experience of a film location. I tapped the knowledge and experience with a person I have respected for a very long time and loved that he is one of the best to tackle this topic with me! You may know him as owner/operator of “Convention All-Stars”, co-writer of the film THE BLACK WATERS OF ECHO’S POND but also the writer and start of the reality television series HORROR’S HALLOWED GROUNDS . Sean has visited various cult and legendary horror film locations documenting it on HORROR’S HALLOWED GROUNDS. Traveling from New York to California, Sean and I dug deep into the power of a film location.

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Amy/Terror Time: Sean, You know first hand why this is a venture for so many that doesn’t gather dust. What, in your opinion, is the significance in seeing the film locations first hand. And how did that turn into you creating HORROR’S HALLOWED GROUNDS?

Sean Clark: To me the feeling of visiting a famous filming location is much like revisiting your childhood home or school. Even though you may have never been there before you get a feeling of nostalgia because that location is a part of your history too. The reason I started Horror’s Hallowed Grounds was to be able to share these locations with those that are unable to go see them for themselves and to help others to go see them if they are able. I started doing this pre-internet. Back when I started you couldn’t just look it up on line. I put serious work into tracking these places down so I wanted to share that.

Sean Clark

TT: From editing to the historical value you include, its the best “on-location” show out there. From when you started to now, do you think the allure to finding the locations has increased or decreased?

SC: It’s increased for sure. The Internet and social media has made the entire world more accessible. There are tons of fans out there now with websites or YouTube channels doing basically the same thing I’ve been doing for years. I think it’s great. The only down side to it is the thrill of the hunt has almost been lost for me. I really got a rush out of being the first guy to find something and I’ve accomplished almost all of the big ones on my list. Now if I think about doing a new article on a film I’ve never done before there is a 90% chance if I Google it someone has already beat me to it. at the end of the day for all of us this is just a hobby. I do itbecause I love it!!

TT: That thrill in the hunt must be addictive! And there is something about seeing it that somehow makes it real for us! Is there one still one on your list you’ve not hit yet?

SC: Yes. A guilty pleasure of mine is the 1980 flick TERROR TRAIN. Well there isn’t really any locations for that film except the train. I had dinner with the film’s producer Don Carmody years ago and he swears that the train is on display at a train museum somewhere and you can actually go see it. Not because of the film mind you, but because the train itself has historical value. However he couldn’t remember where or how much of the train they had. Getting to explore that train is one of my bucket list locations.

TT: It was in Montreal right?! A warehouse where the trains parked at night or am I way off? (laughs)

SC: I believe you are correct.

TT: I loved the CLOCKWORK ORANGE IMAGES but film location ranks as “most miles traveled”?

SC: Europe. All over Europe. However I did visit a Kill Bill location while in Japan. So that is the furthest.

TT: Thank you Sean and we will be checking back in with you and all the amazing things you do for this community. Fun fact is Sean was traveling and we started this convo when he was in New York, we then tackled more during his layover in Houston and then concluded when he got home to Cali! Good horror conversations are a MUST no matter where we are or what we are doing!!!

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