The folks at Carboard Movie Company didn’t just give themselves a hipster name — it’s actually a pretty dead-on accurate handle for a creative team that essentially builds movie sets, props and miniatures from the stuff most of us toss into our recycling bins, then incorporates those elements into short YouTube recreations of classic horror and science fiction movies like Jurassic Park and The Shining.

But their latest short — appropriately titled Alien: Low-Budget Remake — is definitely the shiniest rhinestone in their paper crown, standing proudly alongside the North Bergen High School stage production of the same film that became a viral sensation last year.

It’s a testament to CMC’s amazing skills that the comments on the Alien adaptation are overwhelmingly positive, with some users calling their work more entertaining than most big-budget studio fare — including Alien director Ridley Scott’s attempts to reboot the franchise with Prometheus and Alien: Covenant.

With that said, these artists replicated much of Scott’s visual style from the 1979 classic, re-staging some of the film’s most iconic scenes and the stages of the alien’s life cycle with impeccable detail, working with toilet paper rolls, furniture, Christmas lights, kitchen utensils, modeling clay, vacuum hoses, and so on.

Even with sound effects consisting of people making goofy mouth noises into microphones, these scenes often come off unnervingly creepy — simply by tapping into our collective memories of the original film.

We won’t spoil the fun by describing how they recreate Alien’s scariest and most memorable moments, because you can see the entire thing below. Give them five minutes of your time, and see if you don’t become an instant fan:

They also uploaded the complete version of their Alien title sequence as a separate clip:

If you dig Cardboard Movie Company’s DIY genius, be sure to check out their other shorts at their YouTube channel — and be sure to subscribe, because there’s likely much more to come!

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