It’s Toronto International Film Festival all this week and, as per usual, it comes rocking an immense lineup from all corners of the world. The Midnight Madness Section is, obviously, a particular favourite of mine and this year, as tends to be the case, it promises a feast of delectable disquieting distractions.

To celebrate this year’s festivities, we’ve put together a list of five of the films screening there that we just can’t wait to get our eyeballs around.



Norwegian director André Øvredal’s (TROLL HUNTER) makes his English-language debut with THE AUTOPSY OF JANE DOE which throws father-and-son coroners (Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch) into a whole world of terror when the police suddenly request their urgent services to perform an autopsy on a young Jane Doe found dead at a crime scene where a family has been gruesomely massacred.

Shocked by the extent of the woman’s internal injuries given the fact she shows no external signs of trauma, it soon becomes sinisterly clear that that’s the least of their concerns when apparitions rear their ugly head.



Helmer Greg McLean (WOLF CREEK) and scribe James Gunn (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) perfectly combine a huge ensemble cast, pich-black humor and bantam violence to take office politics to all new heights in THE BELKO EXPERIMENT.

The film finds a group of 80 co-workers locked down their in a high-rise corporate office building and forced to play a real-life BATTLE ROYALE when an unknown voice coming from the company’s intercom system orders them to participate in a deadly game of kill or be killed.



Most likely familiar to you as Tina in Ben Wheatley’s pitch-black comedy SIGHTSEERS (which she also co-wrote), veteran British comedian Alice Lowe dons various hats as she pens, directs and stars in PREVENGE.

Lowe’s directorial debut is described as an edgy post-feminist black comedy revenge movie which relates the tale of a seven month pregnant lady still mourning the recent death of her husband whose unborn child starts to connect with her and psychically spurs her on to carry out a gruesome blood spree.



Morgan Spurlock’s SUPER SIZE ME documentary affected me more than pretty much any horror film I can think of so I have a gut feeling his latest project, RATS, will crawl just as deep under my skin. In RATS, Spurlock takes us on an eye-opening and disconcerting globe-trotting journey to explore different cultures’ methods of controlling, killing, or profiting off everyone’s favorite foraging vermin, the common rat.

Revealing terrifying facts such as just how outnumbered we are in comparison to these thriving animals and how they are becoming less and less immune to poison, RATS is guaranteed to have you looking under your bed twice or thrice before tucking in for an uneasy night’s sleep, safe in the knowledge you’ve got hundreds more neighbors than you’d care to imagine.

News just in: Landmark Theatres and Submarine Deluxe have teamed up to release RATS in 10 markets nationwide in midnight screenings September 23-24 exclusively at Landmark venues.



Writer-director Julia Ducournau’s debut feature promises a taut and disturbing cannibalistic coming-of-age tale. RAW sees the 16-year-old Justine (Garance Marillier) enrol as a veterinary student only to find her life turned upside down as the result of a gruesome hazing ritual. Despite the stout vegetarian she has been thus far, when a rash spreads all over her body, she develops an unwonted yet uncontrollable lust for flesh.

With French effects wizard Olivier Alfonso’s (INSIDE) involvement, moments of brutality and gore are a sure-fire guarantee. News is even coming in that the TIFF screening saw paramedics called in to treat multiple audience members who had passed out.

Check back with TERROR TIMES for reviews and news on all the above films and other horror flicks screening at this year’s TIFF.

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