As much as we like to be terrified, we also want to laugh. There is something that is just so exhilirating about a cheap thrill and a hearty guffaw. Comedy horror films are a dime a dozen and usually fall under three categories: black comedy, parody and spoof. Most fall under absolutely terrible.

I have found that the most satisfying of flicks linger along the fine lines of completely eldtritch to downright hilarious. True, there are humor elements in a lot of the horror films we watch. Some may argue that a lot of mainstream flicks should be classified as comedies rather than horror. Perhaps, that shall be a discussion for another time.

This list is not concrete by no means, but more so to pick fun at some of fan favorites across the decades.



Sometimes mothers can be nightmares. Baltimore’s  homemaker Beverly Sutphin is your typical, straight of the arrow, admirable member of her suburban community. She ensures that her cans are recycled and her seat belt is always buckled tight. A shining star of her block, indeed.

However, as much as she likes baking muffins she also has a penance for Charles Manson scrapbooks under her bed and taped messages from Ted Bundy himself. As a matter of fact, if she finds that you are not a recycler, she might bludgeon you with a perfectly seasoned leg of lamb.

As always, there are  critics that have frowned upon the use of satire in murder situation in such a humorous form. But, I digress, I think it makes one hell of a comedy.

You can watch SERIAL MOM across all major movie download websites.


gremlins gif

In the 80’s, GREMLINS most likely streamed its way into your tube. It was a Christmas classic! I rarely think that remakes should make a comeback, but I have to give my hats off to the GREMLINS franchise. This is one brand that indeed should be resurrected.

The franchise was a commercial success that has received positive reviews from critics. To this day, GREMLINS has a solid cult following. It is no surprise though, how could you not love Gizmo?

There are so many comedic splices that are interwoven in this film, that it would be of disservice for me to share moments to those that have not watched it.. But, on the real, who hasn’t watched GREMLINS?

What I find that is far beyond fascinating is the fact that there was no CGI involved in the film. Our little critter friends were animatronics. This is perhaps an advantage, it makes the film seem a lot more real.

You can watch GREMLINS across all major movie download websites.


What we do in the Shadows

The twenty-first century most certainly probes problems for all ages. Vampires are not excluded. Throughout the centuries, vampires were made to terrify and invoke fear to all that were exposed to them. However, the tenants that share a flat in the Wellington suburb of Te Aro find themselves struggling to adapt to the modern times.

The film originally started off as a kickstarter back in 2015 as immortality comes at at a pretty steep price. The film eventually received the funds it needed and was a hit to audiences worldwide.

WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS is a hilarious ploy on the antics of vampires of yesteryears and is a must watch for all fans that have a thirst for vamping.

Check out the trailer here and the film is currently streaming on Cinemax and available on Youtube and iTunes.



BEETLEJUICE is one of those rare films that is both a hit to true horror fans and comedy fans alike. Many fans might not have known that Sammy Davis Jr. (who was 63 years young at that time) was originally the first choice to play Beetlejuice. The role eventually went on to Michael Keaton who signed on immediately after meeting with Tim Burton.

The film is predominately about Beetlejuice. But, you may have noticed that he is barely present in the films. As a matter of fact, he only has a little under 18 minutes of showtime during the 92-minute film.

There have been rumors speculating for years that a sequel is in the works. But, alas, so far it has been just that. Rumors.

Also, consider this. Warner Bros. actually considered calling the flick SHEETLESS because they didn’t like the name Beetlejuice.

You can watch BEETLEJUICE across all major movie download websites.


What we do in the Shadows

We all love to get flowers. Except when they turn out to be raunchy, hungry and only wants you for your blood. The film was an adaptation of the off-Broadway musical by the same name which was based off the 1960 version (that you can watch below!).

This campy, goofy horror film has an appealing charm. Audrey II, although a villain, has a likable persona, albeit given its special diet.

You can watch LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS across all major movie download websites.

You can watch the originally 1960 classic right here!

What is your favorite comedy-horror flick? I am DYING to know!

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