LET HER OUT has been referred to as “This year’s most frightening possession movie” by Horror Channel FrightFest and from the looks of the new trailer that we just received – they’re completely right.

Black Fawn Distribution and United Front Entertainment have announced that acquisition of the new film, LET HER OUT. The film is set to have its’ world premiere this August at London’s Horror Channel FrightFest where it will screen on the festival’s opening night. In anticipation of the thriller’s premiere, the first full trailer for LET HER OUT has been released.

LET HER OUT follows the story of Helen, a bike courier who, after suffering a traumatic accident, begins to experience strange episodic blackouts. She soon discovers that she has a benign growth that is the remnant of a “vanishing twin,” absorbed in utero years ago. As the tumor begins to manifest itself in horrific ways, Helen’s fragile psychological state is pushed to the brink. As she begins to rapidly deteriorate, her episodes become increasingly psychotic and Helen becomes a terrifying threat to both herself and those around her.

Directed by Cody Calahan (ANTISOCIAL), produced by Black Fawn Films (BITE, BED OF THE DEAD), and distributed worldwide by Breakthrough Entertainment, LET HER OUT was recently shot on location in Toronto and Niagara Falls. United Front and Black Fawn Distribution have acquired the film’s Canadian digital and home entertainments rights. LET HER OUT will be the third film to be released through the new Canadian distribution partnership between United Front Entertainment, Black Fawn Distribution, and Breakthrough Entertainment.

From the looks of it, LET HER OUT looks as though it will be a terrifying ride and, we’re definitely looking forward to where that ride will take us. Coming from the studio that produced BITE and BED OF THE DEAD, two awesome horror flicks that anyone who’s a fan of the genre should definitely check out (keep the barf bag handy for BITE though), LET HER OUT certainly seems promising. Stay tuned for more information as it’s sure to develop as London’s Horror Channel FrightFest looms ever closer and check out the enthralling trailer for LET HER OUT below!

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Oh, and try your best not to piss off your vestigial twin while you wait. We all saw how BASKET CASE turned out.

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