“We’re old friends, you and I. Remember?” Why yes, yes we are Freddy! For thirty years now.

Thirty years ago today, Wes Craven introduced us to the third installation of the franchise that gave us the killing machine in dreams. NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3: DREAM WARRIORS.

Wes Craven is undeniably one of our master monster makers. His gift in terror is profound. Craven not only made countless fear their sleep but he also gave his monster a voice. Thick with pazzaz, Freddy Krueger’s tongue was as sharp as his glove. Though group after group of teenagers try to rally and defeat Krueger, one group inperticularely was a fan favorite. None other than the Dream Warriors in NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 3.

To celebrate this fine film, let’s take a loook at some of the unique stories behind and images on how this came to life.

Dream Warrior Wisdom #1: For the “sexy nurse” scene, the set was flipped so that Rodney Eastman was actually standing up when he appears to be strapped to the bed. He had to be spread eagled for so long that he actually passed out. He compared the experience to a crucifixion.

Dream Warrior Wisdom #2:The original “Freddy Snake” unintentionally came out looking too phallic. The crew only had one hour to film the scene so they didn’t have enough time to paint it. So, it was covered in a green goo substance to overcome the “pinkish hue.” The scene involving the “Freddy Snake” attempting to swallow Kristen was also filmed backwards and then played in reverse due to the gums on the puppet being too flexible and were folding over themselves.

Dream Warrior Wisdom #3: Robert Englund admits that he knew Patricia Arquette would go on to be a big star one day. He also explains how all of the guys on the set were head over heals in love with her. Between takes some of them would even go to Robert Englund to get his advice on whether or not he thought they had a chance with her and should ask her out.

Dream Warrior Wisdom #4: The Freddy glove that was stolen from the set of this film was found in another movie: it was hanging on the wall of the work shed in Evil Dead II (1987), released the same year. It was part of a continued banter between directors Wes Craven and Sam Raimi.

Dream Warrior Wisdom #5: The movie on TV that Jennifer watches before she dies is Critters(1986), and the very short clip just before she switches to the Dick Cavett show, featuring Donald Pleasence is a scene from Alone in the Dark (1982), which was directed by Jack Sholder, who also directed A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (1985).
Dream Warrior Wisdom #6: The script by Wes Craven was darker and contained more graphic language. Kristen had a friend named Becky who was killed by Freddy before the events of the movie and Nancy meets in a dream before being written out. Also, all the characters were being drawn to the institution from all over the country. Kincaid could fly, Joey had super strength, Taryn could become invisible, Will had another name and was the dream wizard. Kristen pulled people into dreams. Will had another name and had tried to commit suicide because he left his brother alone in a pool then drowned. Freddy used this memory to get to him and Taryn’s dead grandmother to kill her. Nancy was a patient. Phillip was killed by sleepwalking into traffic and getting hit by an ambulance. Joey creates the nightmare house and gives it to Kristen. Joey is seduced by a girl he crushed on in high school and then killed. Phillip and Jennifer’s ghost told Nancy where to find Freddy’s glove to kill him. Nancy’s father was blinded and a patient in the sanatorium. Also, Freddy takes Neil’s image but Nancy sees through it and turns the blade on Freddy but is still gutted.
Because we miss Wes so very much, here are images of him behind-the-scenes on multiple NIGHTMARE film sets.

The third highest grossing of the original Nightmare movies after Freddy vs. Jason (2003) and A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master (1988). But this film is number one to many!

Source: IMDB


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