Here’s an oldie but a goodie to get your week off to a great start: a supercut featuring every stop-motion creature effect ever created and brought to life by legendary artist Ray Harryhausen and his crew at “Dynamation.”

It’s an understatement to say that Harryhausen was a pioneer in creating seemingly realistic and fully-formed fictional characters for movies long before the advent of computer-generated effects. A young Ray began his career after meeting his idol, Wills O’Brien of King Kong (1933) fame. In the 1930s and ’40s heyday of burgeoning horror and science fiction movie effects, Harryhausen hobnobbed with the likes of Ray Bradbury, Forrest J. “Uncle Forry” Ackerman and other notables from the Los Angeles Science Fiction League.

Skeletons seemed to be one of Harryhausen’s specialties, along with dinosaurs and flying saucers. Combining human actors and stop-motion creatures together in one shot was a hallmark of Harryhausen’s “Dynamation” style. Harryhausen’s shop was the one to tap to fill your effects needs — as evidenced in such classics as Jason and the Argonauts, the Sinbad adventure franchise, The Beast From 20,000 Fathoms and the 1981 epic Clash of the Titans, to name just a handful of hits.

Edited by Harryhausen fan Mat Bergman, this supercut is a great reminder of the skill, artistry and hard work that goes into practical effects.



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