Image: Indican Pictures

Indie horror lovers will sync up with fans of pro, underground & backyard wrestling for the upcoming feature Powerbomb — a no-holds-barred blend of action, psychological horror and an unvarnished look inside the wrestling biz from directors B.J. Colangelo (Deathcember installment “They Used to Laugh and Call Him Names”) and R. Zachary Shildwachter.

Pro wrestling star Matt Cappicioni (a.k.a. Matt Cross, pictured above) essentially plays himself in the film, and fans should also keep their eyes peeled for Greg Iron and Roni Jonah.

Powerbomb is the brutal tale of an up-and-coming amateur wrestler (Cross) whose decision to drop out on the brink of big-time success enrages a psychotic super-fan — who then decides to take matters into his own hands.

Powerbomb is slated for release on DVD and major digital platforms on April 14. Check out the trailer below!

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