Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol

Now three weeks deep into the Halloween season we’ve had a chance to acclimate ourselves into the dark and macabre. While we bust out all our Halloween favorites, there’s one url we mustn’t forget…



YUMMY MEAT: A HALLOWEEN CAROL is a short film that was created as the fourth episode in the award winning web series SCARY ENDINGS. Ever since the film was released, in October 2015, it has taken the festival circuit by storm. Not only has Yummy Meat been selected for eighteen different festivals in 2016, seven of those carry nominations for “Best Short Horror Film”. The dark comedic tone of the film, coupled with striking, vibrant images, homage and embrace the classic horror film feeling. It’s an excellent celebration of all things Halloween.

Clocking in at five minutes and 17 seconds, it’s a perfect addition to your Halloween programming. Maybe planning a Werewolf night is in order: Start off with a viewing of Daniel Attias’ SILVER BULLET, followed by John Fitzpatrick’s YUMMY MEAT: A HALLOWEEN CAROL, then finish it off with John Landis’ AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON — a nice comfortable and terrifying evening brought to you by some ultimate horror badasses. If you’re a cinema fiend, like myself, then you’ll probably want to watch the trailer first to get some of the flavor, before indulging yourself. As a fan of trailers you can appreciate the old-school classic horror movie feel to it: the dark, epic score, the deep, crisp, and powerful vocals from voice-over artist Bill Millsap, and of course the clever writing.

Now, let’s say that you’re into watching your flicks the old-fashioned way: in a massive, air-conditioned theater, watching on the big screen, then good news is that you have a chance! Yummy Meat just completed a successful viewing at the 16th annual Shriekfest and will be showing tonight, October 22nd 2016, as part of Screamfest 2016. The showing is at 6PM, at the TCL Chinese Theatres, where it is in competition for “Best Short Horror Film”. To buy your tickets click HERE and witness the wolf in all its glory! We had a chance to speak with writer of the successful short, Sean Decker, recently at Shriekfest and he talked about the inspiration behind Yummy Meat, as well as the talented individuals behind. Terror Time has transcribed this lovely conversation for our amazing readers. We start of the transcription with our names initially, but are represented by our initials for the remainder.

TerrorTime: “Yummy Meat is here at Shriekfest, and as of late you’ve had an amazing festival run — how many festivals is it thus far?”

Sean Decker: “18 this year which is amazing and I’m really happy to play Shriekfest, as well as Screamfest. Overall I’m just really happy to see that the horror genre is continuing, because we need these new voices.”

TT: “Yummy Meat has been out for a year now, and in terms of the reception of the wolf, how has everyone embraced it?”

SD: “I think the movie certainly has a level of dark comedy to it — it’s very EC comics. Actually Buffy’s Halloween episode, Season 2, was a slight inspiration for it. The biggest inspiration was, when I was a kid in northern California, a woman was actually handing out toothbrushes.”

TT: “Some stories are drawn from personal experience.”

SD: “Exactly! I think that it’s funny that all these years later something came from that. People are, hopefully, enjoying it [Yummy Meat], but I wonder if that woman has any idea.”

TT: “You know she’s out there somewhere watching it right now.”

SD: “She probably isn’t, but I wish I knew who she was, so I could send it to her. But honestly I’m honored that people are really enjoying the movie and I’m really lucky to have such a great director in John Fitzpatrick — to take this material and really understand it, and really run with it. It’s been the best experience.”

TT: “You’re writing is amazing and you saying that Buffy was one of the influences, definitely shows: Miracle Laurie’s character is so witty and her interaction with the little wolf was so awesome!”

SD: “that’s one of the things: there wasn’t a direct inspiration for the children turning into what they’re dressed as — it must’ve been subconscious. I realized later, actually just two nights ago when I was watching the Buffy episode, Charisma Carpenter, at some point in that episode, says something about Jo Jo the dog faced boy. In Yummy Meat, the line is, “look you dog-faced boy”, and again it must’ve been a subconscious thing. The crazy thing is to actually have someone from the Whedon-verse, in Miracle Laurie to portray our lead — she’s such a great actress. I know everyone always says tows the marketing line in interviews, I’m not. We had such a great cast and a great crew, who really got the material and made it better.”

TT: “From the writing to the directing, to the makeup with Juli Hapney — who did all your gore work — Amazing! It’s nice to see, with Yummy Meat, that you’re paying respects to the Werewolf lineage, and also pleasing the gore fiends with some blood. I know the makeup department was broken up into several individuals, who handled what?”

Pictured L to R: DP Nicholas Kaat, Lou Ferrigno Jr., and Producer Ryan Dillon
Pictured L to R: DP Nicholas Kaat, Lou Ferrigno Jr., and Producer Ryan Dillon

SD: “We were on a small budget, when it came to this film, so we definitely wanted to make it look as good as we can. George Frangadakis, from Immortal Mask, was kind enough to deliver the Werewolf mask and Cowl, and Dan Crawley — an old friend of mine — came in to do the werewolf application. That was all great, but here’s the thing: we have Lou Ferrigno Jr. coming to play the wolf and with the physicality that he brought to the role, he really sells the werewolf. I know there is a very EC comics feel to the wolf, but I hope people appreciate it. We tried to deliver the best wolf we could and Lou Killed it!”

TT: “Well, we wish you much luck with the festivals and there is no doubt in our head that the movie will do great with audiences — it’s definitely a crowd pleaser.”

SD: “Well, what’s awesome is that I was fortunate enough to write an episode of Season 1, for Scary Endings, but as of right now they are now shooting Season 2 — which I believe they’re four episodes deep right now. I don’t know, maybe I’ll come back for another episode…”

TT: “Hell yeah dude! You better! Thank you Sean for your amazing writing skills and talking with us tonight.”

SD: “You’re too kind, thank you.”

There you have it! A conversation with amazing journalist, writer, and producer on the upcoming Docu-series Two Minutes With Tom Holland. For more information on Scary Endings, and their upcoming season, you can follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or at their Official website HERE.

Okay, so we’ve talked this film up so much you’re wondering, “Where the heck can we see it?!”. Well, we want to make that easy for you so we’ve attached the film below, along with the Season 1 Scary Endings trailer. Hope you’re all having an excellent Halloween season thus far and be sure to check back on Terror Time for all your horror needs.

Yummy Meat: A Halloween Carol