Dan Myrick, who created one of the most successful independent films in history and helped usher in the age of “found footage” films is asking for the fan community’s help in getting a new project off the ground. The Indiegogo campaign has officially launched to bring to life SKYMAN, a docu-drama that follows a man who believes that he had contact with other life and seeks to recreate the meeting.


According to the project page:

“Is self-proclaimed alien “experiencer”, Carl Merryweather, on the path to filming his own alien abduction? Or, is he just another crackpot looking for fame and fortune? Carl himself may not be completely sure, but he is determined to take us on a journey in search of the answer. And that journey ends at the very spot in the desert where it all began almost 30 years ago…a chance meeting with an alien he calls the ‘SKYMAN’

Dan explains:


With the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, Myrick and co-director Eduardo Sanchez, with a relatively minuscule budget, took a small group into the woods of Maryland and created a tense supernatural horror that led to two sequels, including this summer’s THE BLAIR WITCH. It’s also one of the most entertaining DVD commentaries you can listen to, as you can really get a sense of the family atmosphere of the group of filmmakers. After working on more traditional studio projects, it was his love for independent filmmaking and aliens that led him to the project, according to the Indiegogo project summary:

SKYMAN is my latest feature film venture and one that I’m particularly excited about. It is a sci-fi docu-drama that has been a labor of love for quite some time, inspired by a fascination with UFO subculture. Having worked in the Hollywood system for many years, I know all too well how an original concept can get quickly watered down in an effort to appeal to the masses. This film is a way for me to re-connect with my filmmaking roots and retain a level of creative control that would otherwise be impossible in today’s filmmaking environment.”

The campaign aims to earn 25,000 in the next month, with the bulk of it going into pre-production, including development, casting, location scouting, legal fees, world building, and PR. Several of the perks include THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT shooting scripts, posters, t-shirts, a round table gathering each week, your name in the film, an invite to a screening in L.A., an invitation to the wrap party, and more. The highest levels include dinner with Myrick, Associate Producer credit and set access.


The campaign stage also lists how they plan to work with the fans, including cut scenes for audience feedback, posting “mood music” to the SKYMAN film site to get opinions, and for some donors, VR behind-the-scenes coverage. They will also be doing some online casting for roles, with an invitation to sign up at the film’s website to download character sides for audition uploads.

Previous projects that Myrick has been involved include SOLSTICE, THE OBJECTIVE, and “Under the Bed” for TV.

For those with a fascination of independent filmmaking will be treated with a rare look into the work and processes of taking an idea and turning into something that can be seen on the screen.

Message From Dan:


With THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, Myrick and Sanchez were able to use the new age of internet marketing to pull audiences into a mystery that challenged whether or not what they were witnessing was real or not. Now, 17 years later, he will use that power of the internet and social media to help bring the story of Carl Merryweather and his quest to find the visitors of his childhood to life.

Check out how you can get involved with SKYMAN and the perks that come along with it at its Indiegogo campaign page.

Take a closer look at STARMAN with this teaser trailer



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