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IT Brings in $123 Million in its Opening Weekend, More Than 13 Times What the Next Biggest Earning Brought

IT’s official: the remake of the classic Pennywise-starring thriller “IT” has shattered box office records for the biggest horror opening ever with more than $123 million in ticket sales.

The film was so popular that it made more than 13 times what the runner-up’s take was in revenue – Open Road Films’ “Home Again”.

Even though outside of “IT”, the box office had an unusually slow mid-September weekend, it looks like the re-imagining of Spielberg’s thriller brought in far more than what was expected. For a traditional horror film opening outside the month of October, the movie put up incredible numbers.

Adding to its financial success, reviews seem to be hailing the movie as a fresh look on a classic tale. Though it will be hard pressed to approach opening weekend numbers, expectations are that the movie will stay strong through Halloween.

What the movie likely will do is beat Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” in the horror genre and take home the honor of the biggest horror movie of the year. “Get Out” grossed a little north of $175 million, which was very good considering the $4.5 million budget, but “IT” now holds the title of biggest Fall opening ever.

There is always a 2nd weekend drop-off for films that come out of the gate this strong. How much “IT” will go down is difficult to tell at this point. The movie is getting positive buzz all around the internet and even those who witnessed the original as a child (and enjoyed it) will likely be going out to see the modern take on it.

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