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Normally, I don’t like to give away the endings of films that have been recently released. However, given the nature of this article, it is necessary in order to address an issue that is garnering attention to LIGHTS OUT.

In our review of LIGHTS OUT, I had touched on the underlying premise of the film: Family. In its entirety, the personal arc’s of each character change dramatically and in the darkness lurks a force that is set to destroy any and all love that remains in this broken home.

LIGHTS OUT Breaks Records 

To date, the film has grossed over thirty million dollars, which is amazing considering that the budget of the film was a little under five million.  Also, a sequel is in the works which has been confirmed my Mr. Sandberg himself.

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While viewing the film, I couldn’t help but notice Sophie (Maria Bello) and the undeniable love she has for her children and the relationship she must have with Diana. It was heartbreaking to see how outside forces can threaten the foundation of family. I will have to admit that I wasn’t really intrigued with the ending in terms of a horror fan. I felt like Sophie committing suiciding was merely a scapegoat and her demise was met with her own hands.

However, critics who despised the ending felt that it was a not the way for a character, in this case Sophie, who appeared to never have a good day in the whole length of the film, would use death as a way out.

An Interview With David Sandberg

In a recent interview, David revealed that he himself had suffered from depression and had a friend that committed suicide. I completely agree when he states that depression is “the most terrifying thing there is” as unstable roots can most certainly result in dire circumstances. Although David himself didn’t write the script, his ideas and comments were evidently sewn into the storyline.

James Wan & David Sandberg on the set of LIGHTS OUT (Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures)

Some viewers may have felt that the ending was a bit rushed. Sophie kills herself. Poof. Diana’s gone. Personally, I was hoping that (from a horror standpoint) it wasn’t Sophie’s death that would have gotten rid of Diana, but perhaps another force. Evidently, the ending of LIGHTS OUT will spill into the story line of its sequel.

A few takeaways from David’s interview that I found fascinating: 

  • Rebecca is based on a girl who was a “cutter” that David Sandberg personally knows. He based a 15-page treatment based of his experience with her.
  • Maria Bello had struggled with bipolar disorder.
  • It was James Wan’s idea to turn Diana into a ghost.
  • ANNABELLE 2 will be more of a prequel than a sequel.

Undeniably, David Sandberg is a genius in his own right. To be pulled into Hollywood with a two minute short and the capacity to be part of the horror industry in Hollywood surely inspires the rest of us.

Check out this rare treat. David and Lotta Losten make an appearance at the Lights Out premier.

Craft 2 is a real thing and is happening

What did you think of LIGHTS OUT?

Click here to read the interview in its entirety.



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