As the story and script are being developed for DEADPOOL 2, we’ve been waiting for any news on casting two of its newest characters, Cable and Domino. Thanks to Ryan Reynolds, we get the answer to one of those.

Taking to Twitter, Reynolds posted a picture of dominos, with the name of actress Zazie Beetz spelled out in extra dots. Beetz, who is tapped to play Domino, is currently starring in Donald Glover’s dramedy series “Atlanta” for FX

Fans were nervous after it was announced that Tim Miller, director of the original, had left the project. He was soon replaced by David Leitch, stuntman and uncredited director of JOHN WICK. With help from Reynolds, the original writing team of Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (ZOMBIELAND) have been busy putting together the follow-up to the smash hit that was the first DEADPOOL.
Zazie Beetz currently plays Van in “Atlanta,” after roles in APPLESAUCE and WOLVES, and is due to make appearances in the upcoming FINDING HER, THE UNDISCOVERED COUNTRY, and SLICE.

No release date has been scheduled yet for DEADPOOL 2, although it’s expected to come out in 2018. When we hear the news on the casting of Cable, we’ll be right there letting you know!


Are you happy with the casting of Domino? Who are you hoping fills the role of Cable?


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