Don’t piss off a creative master. We have social media now. You will get thrashed. Just like Konami did.

The gaming world was sent into a frenzy in 2014 when it was announced that Konami would be producing the ninth installment of the horror game series “Silent Hill.” The game itself didn’t generate as much buzz as the people involved. Hideo Kojima, one of the most successful storytellers in the business was teaming up with director Guillermo del Toro and “The Walking Dead” favorite Norman Reedus in what some considered a soft reboot titled “Silent Hills.”

That community excitement turned to anger as rumors spread afterward that Kojima was at odds with the company and could possibly split his Kojima Productions off from Konami after completing “Metal Gear Solid V.” An interactive trailer named P.T., for Playable Teaser, was released announcing Silent Hills to rave reviews. Then out of nowhere, “Silent Hills” was unceremoniously canceled as it was reported, then confirmed that Kojima had left Konami, with the latter going as far as removing all references to him and his Kojima Productions from any promotional materials.

Del Toro and Reedus didn’t hide their disappointment at the project’s cancellation, as they had all become quite invested in seeing it brought to life. However, at 2016’s E3 conference, Kojima announced with a short teaser video a new game with Norman Reedus as the central protagonist namedDeath Stranding.


If after this time, you had any doubt about how Guillermo Del Toro still feels about Konami or his collaborative friend, he wanted to let you know quite decisively:

He then went into a little bit more detail into how he felt:

This was after Hideo Kojima accepted the Industry Icon Award at The Game Awards, and surprised fans with another look at “Death Stranding,” featuring a character with the likeness of Guillermo del Toro with the introduction of Mads Mikkelsen in a creepy, apocalyptic-looking world.


While accepting the award, Kojima said of the separation from Konami and its aftermath, “Last year I thought I lost everything. I didn’t lose anything.” And that includes his collaboration team of Reedus and del Toro.

The teaser released in June showed thousands of dead fish and a naked Reedus on the seashore. The footage released at The Game Awards shows del Toro holding a baby in a jar and hiding from skeletal soldiers who appear to be commanded by Mikkelsen. If there is any connecting tissue between the two, it’s dead crabs and fish, water, and babies. You will have to check out the two clips yourself as they really can not be explained without seeing them.

As more information comes out about this incredibly visualized story, we’ll keep you updated.

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