Legendary film animation team Don Bluth and Gary Goldman’s Indiegogo campaign to kick off a film based on their classic arcade game ‘Dragon’s Lair’ has reached its goal of 250K in less than 15 days!

Don Bluth and Gary Goldman have brought us some of the best animated films of all time like ‘The Rescuers,’ ‘The Secret of N.I.M.H.,’ ‘American Tail,’ ‘The Land Before Time,’ ‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’ and many more but one of the things they’re most well know for is their unique arcade games ‘Dragon’s Lair’ and ‘Space Ace.’ Unlike most video games these were full animated features, the player would quickly pick a direction or action for the hero to do and if they picked incorrectly or didn’t react in time the hero (known as Dirk in Dragon’s Lair) would die, often comically. They were a big hit and ‘Dragon’s Lair’ even got a sequel but many fans often wondered if we’d ever see a movie based on these awesome games that were basically already movies in a way. For many years talk about these games went dark, until they began a second life in online downloads for most of the major gaming systems. The great animation still holds up and the games are still a welcomed change of pace from time to time for old and new fans alike.


The story of ‘Dragon’s Lair’ is a classic one, a princess is kidnapped by an evil force and it’s up the brave but clumsy knight, Dirk to save the day. This campaign will go to making a 4-minute Pitch Presentation that the two filmmakers will be taking to studios and producers to get the funding needed to make the full length film. It would be very hard to fund an animated film of this magnitude on crowdfunding alone so I see why they’re going the direction they are with this campaign. The fact that they were able to reach their goal so quickly shows that the fans are still out there and want to see ‘Dragon’s Lair’ on the big screen. Any studio would be wise to pick up this amazing project. There’s still over 30 days left in the campaign and a lot of amazing preks so check it out on Indiegogo.


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