Season 3 of Fox’s Sleepy Hollow ended with Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) sacrificing herself for the greater good, leaving Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison) to fend for himself.  Many thought that Beharie leaving the show was the last straw for a series that had struggled with ratings the last two seasons, mostly due to convoluted story lines that strayed from the fun monster-hunting adventures of season one and veered into a historical alternative history tale that sapped a lot of the energy out of the show.

However, even with Beharie out of the picture now and the show’s setting switching from Sleepy Hollow to Washington, D.C., Fox has decided to give the series a fourth season.

Lyndie Greenwood will return as Abbie’s sister, Jenny, but that’s literally just about it.

Lance Gross, who played FBI hot shot Daniel Reynolds who had a history with Abbie, will not return.  Nor will Jessica Camacho (who played Sophie Foster, a supernatural sleuth of sorts), Nikki Reed (who played Ichabod’s former flame and quite famous historical figure Betsy Ross)  or Shannyn Sossamon (the villain Pandora).

So who is left to fight evil with Crane?

The leading lady of season four will be a character named “Anna”, who has been hailed as a “Scully-like supernatural skeptic” with a “tough, take-charge personality” that will clash with Ichabod from time to time. The role has not been cast yet.  Personally, I’m not a big fan of Fox trying to draw hype for one show by suggesting it will kind of be like another show on the network.  Sleepy Hollow was downright awesome in season one and I was not just a fan of the series, but I was completely into the lore of the monsters Abbie and Ichabod chased down each week.

What made the first season so unique sounds like exactly what the fourth season is lacking – heart.  Clancy Brown played Sheriff August Corbin, who fostered a genuine love for Abbie when she was a teenager and he was a cop just trying to keep her on the right path in life.  Orlando Jones was the likeable and consistently bad ass Captain Frank Irving.  John Cho was Officer Andy Brooks, one of Abbie’s closest confidants who ended up turning over to the dark side as an undead servant to Moloch, the ultimate evil.

While I hope the show regains its once promising luster, it’s going to take some serious creativity and more than just a few fantastic scripts to get things back on track.

Sleepy Hollow will air at 8pm CT on FOX in early 2017.



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