“Freestyle Releasing Says ‘Hello!’ to Mandy Moore-helmed Thriller ‘47 Meters Down'”

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Mandy Moore will be taking to the depths of the ocean in a new shark-thriller titled “47 Meters Down” in a story about two adventure-seeking sisters who decide to go cage diving in Mexico. Much to their terror, the cage breaks away from the boat sinking – you guessed it – 47 meters down to the bottom of the ocean where they are surrounded by hungry Great White sharks. The only chance of their survival, with very little time and even less oxygen in their tanks, is to attempt to swim to the surface while being hunted by the ocean-dwelling predators.

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According to the Hollywood Reporter, Byron Allen’s Entertainment Studios bought the film from the Weinstein-owned Dimension Films and plans to distribute the feature to 2,500-plus screens through its recently purchased theatrical distribution company, Freestyle Releasing. Entertainment Studios bought the finished film for 7 figures from Dimension. Claire Holt (The Vampire Diaries) and Matthew Modine star alongside Moore in the film directed by Johannes Roberts.

Dimension LogoThe studio switch comes due to the financially strapped Weinstein brothers having to sell off some of their films to alternate distribution agents. In a statement Monday, Allen said “Dimension Films has delivered us a terrific movie. We have paid a premium for 47 Meters Down because we really believe in the genre, and in the film.” Dimension’s Matthew Singer added, “We love this film and support the filmmakers. We even contributed additional funds to enhance the picture. Our original plan was to release the film before The Shallows, but since that couldn’t happen, we decided to go with a more conservative release strategy that would take place this summer. When the producers brought us Entertainment Studios, who will release the movie wide next year, we all agreed this would be the best option for everyone involved and were happy to make a deal. We wish Entertainment Studios the best of luck and couldn’t be happier for the filmmakers. ” Entertainment Studios currently holds a multi-year output deal with Netflix and recently also closed a similar home entertainment output deal with Anchor Bay/ Starz and aims to distribute around 100 feature films over the next 5 years. “47 Meters Down” marks the second acquisition by Entertainment Studios, following the Horror/Suspense film “Friend Request”, which is scheduled to release on October 7 th .

What we’ve seen in regards to “47 Meters Down” looks very promising. With shark-thrillers like “The Shallows” making their way back into the public consciousness, we’d be surprised to see this one be a flop for Entertainment Studios. “47 Meters Down” hits theaters worldwide in 2017.

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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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47 Meters Down is deep blue fear


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