Live streamers and YouTubers alike have been busy delivering content during this week’s pre-order beta period for the upcoming horror multiplayer Friday the 13th: The Game. Originally slated to take place December 20th to 23rd, the developers have delivered an early Christmas present to backers and pre-order customers in the form of an extended beta period.

A result of some back-end server issues, the team decided that in order to make things right for players that were unable to connect to the game for long periods that they’d give them extra time to play. Now players can participate through Christmas night.This also allows for more testing as server code is updated and testing on the server infrastructure is continually test. In a Facebook post, the developers made the announcement:

In Friday the 13th: The Game, one player takes on the role of Jason Voorhees, with abilities and powers that give him the supernatural presence he exudes in the movies. Other players form up a group of counselors that must work together to meet objectives that either mean escape, or the near-impossible, defeating the masked killer.

With franchise creator Sean Cunningham on board, the game is also seeing help from series composer Harry Manfredini, special effects guru Tom Savini, and Jason actor Kane Hodder putting their special mark on the project. The game models several locations and characters from the movies, including newly added Tommy Jarvis, and Jason himself has different costumes he can be equipped with that give him the looks from the different films.

Jason Gameplay Footage

You can head right now to the game’s page and purchase a pre-order to take advantage of the rest of the beta period, or just back a project that is turning out to be more amazing than we thought. NOTE: current beta is for PC only, though the game will release on consoles along with the PC version in the spring. A single player campaign is also in works for a summer 2017 update.

Counselor Gameplay Footage

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