For those that are curious about where all my extra money goes on a monthly basis the answer is Fright Rags. They are easily the top of the game when it comes to horror t-shirt’s and apparel. The lineup the company has for September will once again cause me to rejoice and my neighborhood mailman to cringe. The stellar lineup this month includes offerings from Rob Zombie’s 31, A limited edition John Carpenter Halloween shirt, and most importantly, a Monster Vision collection.

Fright Rags Pins

On September 12th Fright Rags will be offering victim enamel pins from the Friday The 13th series of films. Pinning on a Kevin Bacon  or Shelly pin on your shirt or jacket is clearly a fantastic way to show your love for the series.

Fright Rags 31

The movie that has every horror fan talking as of late is Rob Zombie’s 31 and on September 16th we can all place our orders for a lineup of shirts showcasing the madness that the film incites.


Fright Rags has always put out amazing products related to the Halloween franchise of films and on September 21st we will be treated to a John Carpenter Limited Edition Halloween shirt that will only be available for three days. So mark your calendars right now so you don’t miss out.

Monstervision FrightRags

Last and certainly not least on September 28th we will finally be provided with a Monster Vision line of shirts and pins. Joe Bob Briggs is probably the closest person that I regard as a deity and I know this lineup will sell out quickly once it’s released.  Thank you Fright Rags for finally delivering this set to the legions of fans that have been clamoring for Monster Vision merchandise.

Rob Zombie Fright Rags

This month is going to be a horror fans apparel dream but you don’t have to wait until these gems are released. Fright Rags always has amazing designs for sale and their Rob Zombie collection is available right now so head on over and get some shirts that will make you the envy of your crew and even total strangers.

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