There are a ton of horror happenings that you may have missed. From a new look for a horror classic, behind-the-scenes of our favorite rabid dog, John Carpenter influences a Demigod to another attack from Graboids, let’s take a look at some of the bloody bylines that you might have missed.

Nope, Nothing Wrong Here: The Making of Cujo

Lee Gambin’s book behind-the-scenes novel “Nope, Nothing Wrong Here: The Making of Cujo” is now available for pre-order from Bearmanor Media. Available in both hard and softcover, the description of the book includes:

“Lee Gambin’s book analyses the entire film scene by scene – and along with the academic input, there is an exhaustive coverage of the production. This is the ultimate in “making of” books, where no stone has been left unturned. From the film’s problematic early days with originally assigned director Peter Medak being fired, to detailed insight into screenwriter Barbara Turner’s take on the source material, to Lewis Teague being brought in to take over as director along with cinematographer Jan de Bont and beyond, this definitive tome features over thirty candid interviews with cast and crew such as stars Dee Wallace, Daniel Hugh-Kelly and Danny Pintauro, director Lewis Teague, composer Charles Bernstein, as well as stuntman Gary Morgan who played Cujo in many scenes (care of a St Bernard costume). There are many more additional voices who were on set represented in the book such as Danny Pintauro’s parents as well as some highly deserving and loving insight about the late great animal trainer Karl Lewis Miller, from his daughter Teresa Ann Miller.”

You can pre-order the book HERE

‘Phantasm’ Blu-ray Box Set Release Date Changes:


Despite an amazing box set contained in a large silver sphere has existed in Europe for a while, we in The States have been waiting for a proper box set for PHANTASM for some time. It was announced the first of the year that we’d get our wish with a six-disc set that would contain all of the films (including Ravager) and a special features disc. Originally slated for a March 28th release date, according to their Facebook page, the box set has been pushed back until April 11th. That means there is still time to head to their page where you can find ways to pre-order this horror classic set yourself before its April release.

Graboids Are Going Down In New Photos From ‘Tremors 6’

Our favorite worm hunters, Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) and Travis Welker (Jamie Kennedy) are at it again, this time in the Great White North facing weaponized graboids, and we have pictures to prove it. Taking to their social media accounts, we get to see the Graboids in action with photos from the set of the upcoming TREMORS 6. There’s a great shot of director Don Michael Paul with Michael Gross and Jamie Kennedy in the guts of a giant Graboid

See you next time, Burt! #universalstudios #tremorsmovie #capetown @actormichaelgross

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Jamie in the belly of the beast! #tremorsmovie #universalstudios #capetown

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TREMORS 6 is due out in 2018.

John Carpenter Influences A Demigod

We’re finally getting our first looks and bits of information on the upcoming THOR: RAGNAROK. Thanks to Collider, in the midst of first looks and plot details and character descriptions, we learned that director Taika Waititi was heavily influenced by John Carpenter’s classic BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA when pitching the film to executives at Marvel. Though not a comedy, he wanted to use it as a guide for Thor’s journey. Says Waititi of the influence,

It’s not really a comedy. There are some really great moments we’re going to have in the film. Knowing that it was Bruce Banner and Thor on kind of a road trip journey, that lends itself to because those guys are both really funny. I was like you gotta exploit Chris’ comic abilities. He’s so good and underutilized in that department. He’s legitimately one of the funniest things in this film.”

THOR: RAGNAROK comes to theaters on November 3rd, 2017.

GIRL EATS WORLD…You Just Have To See ‘Raw!’

Stay with us next week as we bring you more news and stories in the bloody world of horror and humor!


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