Sean Clark is one of the most well-respected and recognized faces on the horror film scene.  Recently, spotlighted Clark and his killer show, HORROR’S HALLOWED GROUNDS, and announced that the show may have found its permanent home on

The show is a love letter to the iconic landmarks that make horror films so damn awesome.  Each episode highlights a horror film, with Clark visiting the filming locations that played such a key role in the film’s success.

Sean took a few minutes to chat with Terror Time recently about the show and what the future hopefully holds for the series.

Horror's Hallowed Grounds
PJ Soles and Sean Clark reminisce about a certain Shape from Haddonfield

TERROR TIME:  What has been the most difficult location to get access to or reach so far?

SEAN CLARK:  The most difficult was Danvers State Mental Hospital when it was still standing.  It was completely sealed up and had 24-hour security patrolling the grounds.  So getting in there was no easy task.

TT:  How did you get in touch with Blumhouse regarding a possible permanent home for HALLOWED GROUNDS?

SC:  Well, it isn’t a permanent home yet.  It really all depends on the fan response.  It’s tough because the BH fan base tends to be more new-school horror when our show is more of a nostalgic piece geared towards classic horror fans.  We can mix it up and cover more current films to try to satisfy both crowds, for sure, but that remains to be seen.  As for how we got involved with them, we have several friends that work at Blumhouse and they have all been great supporters of HORROR’S HALLOWED GROUNDS so we are giving it a shot.

TT:  What are some locations fans can expect to see you check out in the near future?

SC:  Currently, there isn’t anything in the pipeline.  The only new thing coming is an episode on the film CARRIE (1976) that will be coming out on the new 40th anniversary release from Scream Factory.

Get a little taste of HORROR’S HALLOWED GROUNDS with this clip, showcasing the most iconic setting of John Carpenter’s THE FOG.

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