Dark Tower

“The man in black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed..”




Photos leaked yesterday of superstar Idris Elba in cowboy attire as Roland Deschain, the iconic Gunslinger from Stephen King’s The Dark Tower sprawling book series.  Fans of the series across the globe gasped collectively at the proof that this film is finally happening.






Why is the Gunslinger carrying around a cell phone?  Odds are, he’s probably in between takes but it also could be Roland getting acclimated with the modern day technology during his time warp traveling in his quest to reach The Dark Tower.  When are we going to get our first look at Matthew McConaughey as the epitome of pure evil, The Man In Black?  With a film being adapted from seven, maybe even eight, books (let’s not forget The Wind Through The Keyhole), it’s probably safe to assume that there will be quite a few creative liberties taken to ensure that as much of the story can be told in this first film as possible.  While plans for a sequel seem to be a foregone conclusion for Constant Readers of King and his work, there hasn’t been any guarantee from the studio that this is the case.  There are so many questions still to be answered regarding the monumental task that is this film.  Do yourself a favor and pick up The Gunslinger in paperback to help pass the time until February 23, 2017 when the film is to be released.




News will be trickling in much more frequently now as the film’s shooting schedule has kicked into high gear.  Seeing Elba as Roland was a great way to start the week.  As the week wears on and Roland marches forward towards The Dark Tower, we’ll just wait for that next collective gasp.
















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