‘Stoner Cats In Space’ is a real thing!

Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up! That’s exactly how I felt when I saw the title of the film Kickstarter. Pure genius. STONER CATS IN SPACE is a comedy exploring the lives of two totally baked cats, trapped on a spaceship, getting high and watching TV. The gang at Dreadcentral have jumped on board to help support this project and we want to help spread the word!


I should start by saying that throughout this film, we’re sufficiently lit so as to not be sure where we are. But we seem to live on board an evil kitty’s spaceship that is zipping around the galaxy wreaking havoc and blowing stuff up. The evil kitty is Darth Vapor and he is nasty. His latest target is a planet called Earth, land of awesome television. Mass death and destruction – such a bummer, and we do love Earth TV. But what can we do?



I’m a totally stoned cat from outer space. My cousin James and I are the stars of this film. James is barely coherent at this time, soΒ I have been chosen to narrate this Kickstarter page, thanks for reading!

If you knew anything about James and I, you’d know we want nothing to do with this galactic domination stuff. We’re simple cats. We love one thing above all: weed. And the thing we love second-most? Earth TV.

So do these guys a favor and help support the film and please share this article!


‘Stoner cats in Outer Space’ Kickstarter


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‘Stoner Cats In Space’





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